please let us know if you have any trouble with ordering these shirts.


13 Responses to Shirt-Fundraising

  1. The Marlers says:

    Let us know when they’re ready!! Will they have one of Bush’s amazing pictures on the front?!?!

  2. Tamara Cosby says:

    I was getting so excited to see the shirts when I saw the shirts button at the top…sigh…

  3. D.Hedgecock says:

    Found out about your need through Daley Hake’s blog… had to place an order. May God bless your pending family!

  4. roni says:

    Just ordered our T-shirts! Got one for PooWee, though it will be big he’ll still show it off! Then of course I got one. Eli and I decided we would share! 🙂
    Keep us posted on hw things are going!

  5. marisbush says:

    Ahh!! Steven is in Africa and we forgot to give each other the info for all the shirts that are ordered!! I am so sorry. Thank you so much for ordering shirts:) I will try and get the info while he is there and get those shirts to you guys! I am so sorry!

  6. rebecca(the great) says:

    Just ran across your site. May God bless you both and August.

  7. Leslie O. says:

    I’m friends of Jamie and Aaron’s. My husband and I have 3 grown sons, a teenage daughter and adopted a daughter from China about a year ago. Her name is Addie Mei and she is 3. I am also Kyle Goen’s Ministry Assistant at FBC Smyrna. He was showing me his family pics and I asked who did them and I knew your name from Aaron’s blog. I had been to your site. It really is a tangled web, isn’t it? Aaaaaaaaanyway, I’d love to get a couple of shirts. Email me an address and I’ll send a check.

  8. […] of their fundraisers is selling these awesome t-shirts. Here’s Norah showing the love for her soon-to-be buddy August. (These photos were taken […]

  9. Maria says:

    wanted to see about us ordering some shirts. We are just wondering if you have children sizes 8-10 and 10-12 ?
    Let me know…
    Hope all is going well–praying for your adoption process!
    Maria Grogan

  10. Tracy says:

    Hey I am interested. Did you have this page designed. We’re adopting and want to sell shirts but I cannot figure out how to set the page up. Can you help-just let me know=is it simple or do I need to hire someone?

  11. christina says:

    i am clicking on box of size of shirt i want but it is not opening up a page so that i can buy it. ??

  12. Jen Sims Wells says:

    Hey Guys –

    I am mac based and can’t seem to get to a place where I can order shirts. I know August is here – but my guess is that maybe us buying a shirt might help with diapers or such! Email me and let me know how to order. I’d like one for my bitty girl, Grace, too. Hopefully someday she and August can be buds!

    So excited for you guys.

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