i’m selling prints to raise money for our adoption

September 22, 2008

our upcoming adoption is quickly approaching…next thursday to be exact. i thought we would have the necessary funds by now, but we don’t. we’ve tried not to abuse this blog with requests to help with this adoption. God has graciously provided almost all of the money via people like yourselves. However, we are still about 1/3 short of the money needed. That comes out to be about $4,000.00. I have picked out 12 of my favorite photos in order to try and sell them to help raise the remainder of this money. These prints will be 8×10, and they will cost $35.00. This price includes shipping. If i can sell 140 prints…we’d have the rest of the money!

Thank you guys for your prayers & support throughout this entire process. We are on the home stretch, and could not be more excited. If you can’t afford a print, and still want to help us out…write a post about these prints for sell & the reason i’m selling them & link back to this post…that’d be awesome help! You guys are the best!

***you can catch up on our adoption story here***
***if you don’t want a photo, but want to donate…you can here***

please email me if you have trouble ordering this prints, or if you’d like a print large than 8×10


psych testing, missing paperwork, health insurance, & t-shirts

March 31, 2008

we are one more step closer. we took our psych evaluation test this past friday, and we have another meeting with the psychiatrist to see if we’re sane. i’m a little worried. haha…those test always freak me out. it makes you realize how your brain works, and how messed up you really are. i know everything will turn out fine…those test just make me nervous.

we sent in our paperwork, and then realized they were missing a few pieces. i’ve scanned and emailed them today. i’m still waiting on 2007 tax returns, and we’ll be done with the paperwork. i also need to talk to our insurance company about getting coverage for august. any of you adoptive parents have advice for talking to them? what questions i need to ask? what kind of coverage?

we recently ordered some more 2xl adopting august shirts. we had run out of them, but now they’re back in stock. we have every size available now.  if you’d like a shirt please let us know. the links above will order the shirts through paypal. every little bit helps. we’re a little less than halfway on the funds that we need. so that’s exciting. i’m also still doing photography for our adoption. if you or someone you know needs photos please email me & let me know. it’s been an awesome way for us to make money for this adoption.

thanks for all of the prayers & support.

friends & their august shirts

February 18, 2008

here are the henry’s showing off their adopting august shirts.


1/5 of the way there

December 18, 2007

i’m super excited this morning to say that we are now 1/5 of the way to our financial goal for this adoption. we can’t believe the amount of support everyone has given us. it’s amazing to see how people from all over the blog world come together to help others with their journey of adoption. we are forever grateful for everything you have given us.

i’m also excited about the fact that i am able to use my photography to raise money for this adoption. it’s been a lot of fun taking pictures of these wonderful families. if you would still like get some pictures done…you can contact me here.

the t-shirts have been selling so well, and we can’t thank you enough. our first shirt order was from someone from the Netherlands…unbelievable! it’s so cool to see how far your story can really travel. thanks to you all for your support through shirt orders. if you’d still like to purchase a shirt…you can find them here.

we thank you all for your prayers & support. we couldn’t do this without your help. many blessings.

we’ve got shirts!

December 13, 2007

many of you have been asking us when we would be getting our shirts, and we’re glad to say they’re here! please click the link below to go to our shirts page and order yours today. i’ve also added the code for this banner in case you’d want to use it to put in a post to help spread the word. all the money raised from these shirts goes toward bringing August home.augustshirts.jpg

family photos – fundraising

November 26, 2007

Christmas time is here, and there have been people asking me if i could take family photos for them. I’d like to let them & you know that i’d love to. if you are interested in getting some photos done please email me at bush@spur58.com we can talk scheduling, prices, and any other questions you might have. all of the money raised will be used towards the Adopting August Fund.

here’s where i’ll be these next two weeks
Houston : November 21 – December 2 (Texas people give me a shout)
Nashville: December 4 – January 1

if you’d like to see some of my photos…click here.