i am currently making myself available for family photos in order to help raise money for our adoption. you can get some photos done of your or your family, and help us out with our adoption at the same time. please feel free to contact me at, and we can talk about it. thanks for the support.


3 Responses to Photography-Fundraising

  1. Olivia Sweat says:

    I work w/Linda. I would like more information when the quilts are ready as far as price, etc. Thanks and congratulations on your journey to parenthood! May God bless you , August, and the birth mom!

  2. I can’t wait to see more of the blankets! I was able to buy one at the LifeWay Craft Fair. It was brown with little puppies. It’s so cute, I almost want to keep it for myself instead of giving it as a baby gift!!! Well, it may sit in the closet for a year or so. Todd and I are praying for you two…about to be three!

  3. thanks for helping us out shelley! you guys are the best.

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