Today is a huge day!!

This is a huge day for us. It is one that we have looked forward to since we started this process. Today is the day that we meet our sweet mom. I really could not explain my heart this morning if I tried. I think the only way to,  would be to say that my heart is flooding for her this morning. I can’t wait to hug her, give her huge beautiful flowers and tell her how humbled we are that she chose us to parent this baby. I long to tell her that we never want her to factor in hurting us in her decision. We love her and want her to make a decision that she can live with for the rest of her life. I could go on and on. I could seriously talk her head off but I don’t want to do that. Please just pray that we only say what God would have us say today. That my mouth would stay closed when it  needs to and only open with words that bring peace and love. It is NOT about us. It is about serving her and making her feel loved. I don’t know what to expect. I am praying against it being awkward and me talking to much because I am nervous!!

We are more than excited. We are ready. We are ready to go forward no matter what that might bring. So many of you have emailed or sent texts and it brings tears to my eyes to think about each of your hearts towards us. We love you all so much and could never repay the amazing love and support you have shown us! Thank you for walking with us through this journey. This is one big week!!


4 Responses to Today is a huge day!!

  1. Dave Gerhart says:

    That’s great, guys! I’m sure you will find the words when you meet her. When we met Patricia, it was amazing how calm and at peace everyone was. It made me realize that she was just as thankful for us as we were for her. She wanted and needed a solid, Christ-centered home for her child and she kept telling us over and over, “I feel really good about this decision.”

    Best of luck as you meet her! God brought you guys together, so you know it’s going to be a sweet reunion; a meeting that He planned before either of you were even born!

  2. Andi says:

    Good luck and God bless!

  3. roni says:

    What an emotional day this will be for all of you. Again, I’m sure this mother is going through some of the same emotions you two are. She wants to impress you as much as you impress her. She worried about what to say, worried about what you will think of her.
    The two of you have impressed many of us through the internet. You will do fine! This mother is one of the lucky ones, she gets to meet you in person. (Maybe someday I’ll be lucky too! 🙂 )
    Here’s thinking of you today!

  4. Leah says:

    I’ve been following your journey for many months. Today sure IS a big day. Your heart is evident and God will honor that. I’m so excited for you guys!

    ~Leah in Alaska

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