i’m selling prints to raise money for our adoption

our upcoming adoption is quickly approaching…next thursday to be exact. i thought we would have the necessary funds by now, but we don’t. we’ve tried not to abuse this blog with requests to help with this adoption. God has graciously provided almost all of the money via people like yourselves. However, we are still about 1/3 short of the money needed. That comes out to be about $4,000.00. I have picked out 12 of my favorite photos in order to try and sell them to help raise the remainder of this money. These prints will be 8×10, and they will cost $35.00. This price includes shipping. If i can sell 140 prints…we’d have the rest of the money!

Thank you guys for your prayers & support throughout this entire process. We are on the home stretch, and could not be more excited. If you can’t afford a print, and still want to help us out…write a post about these prints for sell & the reason i’m selling them & link back to this post…that’d be awesome help! You guys are the best!

***you can catch up on our adoption story here***
***if you don’t want a photo, but want to donate…you can here***

please email me if you have trouble ordering this prints, or if you’d like a print large than 8×10


2 Responses to i’m selling prints to raise money for our adoption

  1. […] the $4,000 will be raised! I am so excited about the print I got! You should head over now to the Adopting August website and get your’s today! This will help bring a baby boy home to his loving and […]

  2. […] adopting August, and they still have about $ 4,000 to raise.  So he is selling some prints of his photography on his site to raise this last bit of money.  His site says that if he can sell 140 prints they […]

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