adoption update : we’re officially waiting!

it’s been almost a year journey for maris & i. we’ve done countless pages of paperwork, hours of working towards our fund raising, lots of photos taken & shirts sold to help raise that money, lots of generous donations, lots of prayer, lots of criticism, lots of support…all for the hope & purpose of making ourselves available to a child that needs a home. to become a mother & father for a child that needs one.

we are on the home stretch of that process. just tonight maris & i received an email saying that we’re officially approved. they will be showing our profile as much as they can, and this means we could be chosen very soon. this is super exciting news for us…we could be parents very soon.

i’ve got lots to do before then. we’re still quite a bit short on our money, and we will have to have that at the time of our placement. tomorrow will be a day filled with researching adoption loans & grants. there are some great ones out there…i’ll let you know how that goes.

thank you for your prayers & support through all of this. please continue to pray for the mother of this baby. she is making decisions that i will probably never have to make. i pray that she finds peace & comfort in making the right decision for her…whatever that might be. please pray for the health & delivery of this baby. pray for maris & i as we continue on this journey.

thanks for following our story.



5 Responses to adoption update : we’re officially waiting!

  1. Dave Gerhart says:

    Congrats on bring approved! (Don’t you feel so OFFICIAL?) Things went pretty quickly for us once we were approved. We’ll be praying that God begins to stir in the heart of the perfect birth mother for you guys!

  2. Scott and Tina says:

    We are so excited for you guys. I remember waiting for the day when we could be chosen and the joy that filled my heart knowing it could happen any day. It is hard to believe that our Elayna is 8 months old now. We can’t wait for you all to have a little one running around soon.

  3. John T says:

    Does the adoption agency require you to have a certain amount of assets? Is that what the fund-raising is for? Or do they require some type of handling fee? I assume it is illegal to pay birth-mothers anything other than expenses. I apologize if I’m being nosy (I don’t know much about how adoption works and I’m curious). Good luck w/ everything!

  4. Alyson says:

    Keep breathing – how exciting it must be for you; a baby will soon be your family. We are excited for your adoption.


  5. Drew says:

    I stumbled on your site through another link. After reading about your adoption (we’re a multi-ethnic family of adoption as well) I thought you might appreciate a talk I heard in April. Thabiti Anyabwile discusses the difference between race and ethnicity. It shook my world and gave me great courage about our family.

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