Its getting closer

I am in baby world! I know Steven is getting tired of hearing about all this! We just registered at Babies R Us a couple weeks ago and that had to be some of the most fun I have had in a long time. This is really happening. Its real. This is the route that we have chosen to take before pregnancy and it could never feel more right. I am in love with the baby that God has for us before we ever see him/her. I am just so in love! I wish my body reflected how I feel. I honestly feel about 8.5 months pregnant. I am really hoping that in the next couple of months we could have a baby! We are so so excited!

This morning at church we talked about being adopted into God’s family and I just couldn’t help but cry knowing we have such a beautiful picture of adoption by the way God loves us. There are many adoptions that have not gone well. I learned this when we first started this process. There are many heartaches and tears shed both ways over these precious kids. I wish they could all be perfect and that these decisions were easier for all parties involved. I want so badly for ours to be healing and for us to be able to love on our first mom and invite her to be a part of our family if she wants that. I think about these mom’s all the time. Their love, sacrifice, heartache and what incredible women they are. My main concern is that she makes the right decision for herself and that she is not pressured from anybody else either way. I want her to do what she thinks is right for her. This is what I pray for most.

We sat next to our friends Eric and Mandy who just adopted baby Cohen. Their blog is: They have had a beautiful journey and its amazing to see how incredible Cohen’s birthmom is and the beautiful love she has for her son. We went through our adoption training together and I love how you can see desire and love all over people’s faces and to see the results of hours of paperwork, working hard to raise money, hours of training and hours of waiting turn out. To see that precious baby and know that they were able to give this incredible women a second option is all just really overwhelming.

We will keep you updated. Steven has his individual interview this week and I have mine next week. After that all we have left is for them to come to our house and approve us to adopt and we are done! We are hoping and praying for all of this to be done by June 1st. Its pretty scary how close we are. Please pray for all of the mom’s that are in this situation. Please pray that God would provide the money that we have left to get. Please pray that we can have all of this done before Steven leaves for the summer! Love you all so much, thanks for reading and keeping up with the Bush’s!


5 Responses to Its getting closer

  1. Teri says:

    I’ve had you on my heart today and was so glad to read to read this. I’ll be praying that everything gets done soon; I know you guys have got to be anxious. Can’t wait to buy you a baby gift!!!

  2. Laura says:

    Last December we got a plane to go get our newborn son still needing over $7,000. Our entire journey was about taking each step in blind faith. As we were flying across the country the Lord was working in miraculous ways in moving people to give to our adoption. The following morning when we needed to write the check to the agency…it was there! GOD IS FAITHFUL! He has called you to this and HE WILL PROVIDE every penny that is needed for your adoption! You keep taking each step of faith and He will continue to work on your behalf!

  3. pcase says:

    I didn’t know if you knew that Joe and I have been following you on this journey. We are praying for you as you come closer to the end of the process of adopting – then we’ll be praying for you as you become “momma’ and steven becomes “daddy”. What a blessing it has been to follow you down this path through the internet. How cool is that! Love, Pam & Joe Case

  4. Raya says:

    it’s very rare nowadays to read a blog entry so touching and goosebumpy. i can feel your joy from here, i live in manila. but i can really sense how happy you are with your adoption. 🙂 I pray everything will be great for you. God bless you always!


  5. jim says:

    Stumbled across your site… it’s not clear why you’re not having natural children? Not against adoption, just curious.

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