gracious givers & how i am to be an example for my son

maris & i have been super blessed through this entire adoption process. so many of you have sacrificially given to us & our adoption. we are forever thankful for your prayers & support, and we couldn’t have gotten this far without you guys. from donations, to photography, to people buying t-shirts, to friends helping us with a garage sale…we are amazed at how much you have helped us out. i wanted to say thanks from the bottom of our hearts for this support.

it’s getting closer to the time where we will be waiting to be chosen. it’s real real close, and we can’t wait. i can’t wait to be a dad…even though it scares the crap out of me at times. i’m ready to have that little guy crawling around here…i’m ready to see maris be the awesome mom that she dreams of being…i hope i’m ready to show him how to live life chasing his dreams, loving God & loving people, living day to day as if it were his last.

i want my kid to know that i support him in his dreams. if it doesn’t include college…then so be it. if he wants to be a missionary in africa…then so be it. i want him to live life without any regrets. i want him to live a life that is spent serving others…loving others…and doing whatever he can to fight the injustices of this world. i hope he lives a life opposite of the things mother culture teaches about chasing the American dream…of what she teaches about consumerism…of how she teaches that our worth is found in material posessions, wealth, & power. to find worth in Christ & in turn serving others is my hope for August.

before i can hope these things for him…i have to be willing to live the same way. i pray that God continues to refine me, give me vision, & a passion to see this world change…not just for the sake of change & the Kingdom…but for the sake of me being an inspiration to my children. i can’t expect him to chase his dreams…if i am not willing to do the same.


2 Responses to gracious givers & how i am to be an example for my son

  1. Amy Bottomly says:

    Hey! I somehow came across your blog awhile back. Love it. I love all your pictures! We have a son from Ethiopia, Silas. We look forward to starting the adoption process again soon (hopefully) Can’t wait to see your sweet little August. (Great name)

  2. nancy says:

    This adoption is going to be a huge blessing to EVERYONE involved. You, Steven, August, Birth Mom, Those Who Get To Be Part of the Process, Those Watching From the Outside…

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