psych testing, missing paperwork, health insurance, & t-shirts

we are one more step closer. we took our psych evaluation test this past friday, and we have another meeting with the psychiatrist to see if we’re sane. i’m a little worried. haha…those test always freak me out. it makes you realize how your brain works, and how messed up you really are. i know everything will turn out fine…those test just make me nervous.

we sent in our paperwork, and then realized they were missing a few pieces. i’ve scanned and emailed them today. i’m still waiting on 2007 tax returns, and we’ll be done with the paperwork. i also need to talk to our insurance company about getting coverage for august. any of you adoptive parents have advice for talking to them? what questions i need to ask? what kind of coverage?

we recently ordered some more 2xl adopting august shirts. we had run out of them, but now they’re back in stock. we have every size available now.  if you’d like a shirt please let us know. the links above will order the shirts through paypal. every little bit helps. we’re a little less than halfway on the funds that we need. so that’s exciting. i’m also still doing photography for our adoption. if you or someone you know needs photos please email me & let me know. it’s been an awesome way for us to make money for this adoption.

thanks for all of the prayers & support.


One Response to psych testing, missing paperwork, health insurance, & t-shirts

  1. We have adopted five children over the years, although they were from 3 years to 10 years old when we adopted them. You mentioned talking to the insurance company. If you do not have family coverage for medical insurance (you likely have insured plus spouse), you need to increase the coverage to family to cover your adopted child. By law, the child can be added to your coverage the same as a birth child when you sign the legal adoption documents. It is important to have good medical coverage as unexpected things can happen with children, birth or adopted, that need medical attention. Four of our children were foreign born (two from Colombia, a brother and sister, and two from Korea, also sibling brother and sister). We also adopted one of our foster children, a boy born in the US, 2 years after he was placed with us at 7.5 years. All have gone different ways, the oldest is now 35 and the youngest 21, but have become a cohesive family of siblings who care for each other. Children are indeed an odysey and a journey in life with lots of laughter and tears. Although these children did not come as flesh of our flesh, they have all grown in our hearts. We wish you well on your own journey in life.

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