How cute is this?



4 Responses to How cute is this?

  1. oh my goodness–they are pure sweetness!!

  2. Ali says:

    Oh my lord!!! Who are these babies??????

    Maris I started my site for the jewelry… anyone who buys from me and mentions you – I will send you 100% of the profit (just minus the shippint etc) do you think that works? Email me – I have been swamped and totally slacking!!!

    Love ya!!!


  3. marisbush says:

    Hey Ali!!! Thank you so much for everything you are doing. You are so so sweet! Send us a link and we will send people over to your site. We can put it on all 3 of our personal blogs! You are so sweet for doing this. Those sweet babies are our bestest friend’s Aaron and Jamie’s 2 kids that they are adopting from Haiti right now! So so cute. You should check out their blog! Here is their blogs old school style- and
    They are great you would like their blogs!
    Let me know anything I can do to help!
    Thanks girly 🙂

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