Martin Luther King

I just watched the Martin Luther King special from Oprah. I will be honest when I say that I do not know a lot about Martin Luther King. I know we covered him in school but now I wonder how much of his life did we really cover? I went to a mostly white private school and I don’t think they had the desire to really dive into his life or legacy. The older I get the more fascinating this man becomes. I listened to pieces of his speeches during this special and just cried like a baby. This man changed the face of America with the passion inside of his heart. I believe he READ the Bible and he preached equality. This special inspires me to learn more about his message and mission of his life. I will be looking tonight for a book of his life.

We are all the same. White, black, rich, poor we are all created in the image of God and we are equal. We are a fallen humanity who is in need of hope and a savior.

When I dream about my family I realize that I can dream these dreams because this man stood for what he believed in. I long for a family that is transracial. I want as many colors of skin as we can squeeze into our limit of children. I want our family to stand for equality and love. I want to celebrate every culture we have in our family and I want us to love each other the same. Our colors are beautiful.

Sometimes I worry about what people will think of our family especially when we are out in public. After watching this and seeing what people fought through to get here my fears are eased. What if MLK lived his life based on what people would have said about him? What if he had never pushed the envelope and encouraged people to think outside of the box? What if he had never taught people how to love? How would America look today if he had worried and tamed down his message due to stepping on toes?

There is racism that still plagues our country. Do we surround ourselves with other cultures? Do we stay in our safe white community? What are you going to do to change the face of racism? Please take 5 mins to watch this video.


4 Responses to Martin Luther King

  1. ginger says:

    i’m completely fascinated by the life of martin luther king jr… there is SO much i don’t know! i’ve been reading his autobiography for the past week and am blown away… check it out on my blog!

  2. Good morning, somehow this morning I found your blog, which is something that I do not typically do. I stick with the ones I know and that;s it. I guess that is why I write. I wanted you to be encouraged with this adoption. We adopted our little boy from Korean.
    When we decided to start the process we had .61 cents in our savings and we still took the step. 2 years later God provided every cent of the $24K that it cost. Random checks would show up, tax returns right on the same week we needed money. A garage sale that raised $1200. And a church family that helped us even more. I guess I just write to let you know that if you rest in him it will happen. It is such a draining process but from a mom that is on the other side it is so worth it. Keep pursuing… She is coming! H

    Our video’s…
    Some post on him by my man…

  3. blueseaglass says:

    Little known fact about me… my Uncle (who I named my son after and who died 16 years ago) worked with and for MLK. He got press passes and took my Mom and they were in the front two rows for the “I have a dream” speach!!! Isnt that the coolest?

    I do think if he were still alive that he would not be so into “black pride” which seems almost like the re-birth of segregation, and he would be more supportive of tolerance and community…

  4. marisbush says:

    Thanks so much whittakerwoman! I believe God will provide and we will be working like crazy to raise this money!! Thanks for your comment.

    blueseaglass- can you imagine being there during that speech?? I agree your black pride comment. I think the man just wanted people to dream and get along! I wish the same thing for today! We are all equal! No one is better than the other. It is cool to look at our society and see how far we have come. The black community has come through some major trials and I can’t imagine things being the way they used to be.

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