My great friend Tamera over at (http://cosbyfamily.wordpress.com/) just posted a blog about a couple that went through Bethany Christian services and they were just chosen to be the parents of twin girls who were born this morning. My excitement for them and what they are feeling is beyond words. Twin girls!?! How fun, chaotic and exciting. I would eat that up. I am so excited for this family!

The feelings I have are proving to be a double sided emotion. I long for that day that we are chosen. I get frustrated with God’s timing. It just feels like he is saying…”not yet.” It is so out of my hands and sometimes that drives me crazy. I am so excited for this couple. Really I am. I know this seems like such a selfish post. I just long for the day when that is us. So for today I will imagine what this family is experiencing, pray like crazy for them as they travel to Mississippi to meet their girls for the first time and I will keep dreaming and praying for August.


3 Responses to Honesty

  1. blueseaglass says:

    I am thrilled for your friends and I am equally thrilled for you – you two are so driven and so determined to bring your son home. I have no doubt in my mind that this will happen sooner than you think and I also know that he could have no better home.

    I have been offline for a few weeks and was looking forward THE MOST to seeing the updates on your site! Do we have any new pictures? I also want to mail you some jewelry that I have been making for you to sell and raise money – where should I do that? email me at



  2. mandy moore says:

    i am right there with you! thank you for your honesty, maris….helps me feel normal! i am on the edge of my seat, so ready (at least i think i am) to meet our precious child. but, i find comfort in knowing that God’s perfect timing and perfect plan for our families will supercede my desires and my ideas about when things should happen. so, i will continue to pray for you and steven, for both of our children and for their birthparents. congrats to your friends!

  3. marisbush says:

    blueseaglass- just emailed ya!
    Mandy- thanks girl. I know you are feeling the same as we are if not stronger because you guys are further along! Love ya girl, hope everything goes great!

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