family photos – fundraising

Christmas time is here, and there have been people asking me if i could take family photos for them. I’d like to let them & you know that i’d love to. if you are interested in getting some photos done please email me at we can talk scheduling, prices, and any other questions you might have. all of the money raised will be used towards the Adopting August Fund.

here’s where i’ll be these next two weeks
Houston : November 21 – December 2 (Texas people give me a shout)
Nashville: December 4 – January 1

if you’d like to see some of my photos…click here.


6 Responses to family photos – fundraising

  1. tracy says:

    Hi- where are you adopting August from? my daughter and her husband are adopting from Zambia. Could you please give me the T-shirt info also?

  2. blueseaglass says:

    Seriously – I love the pics – I linked to you on flickr.

  3. marisbush says:

    Thanks for the comment Tracy! We are adopting from here in the states. We are hoping for an african american boy but we will see how it all turns out!! 🙂 I would love to give you shirt info. They are coming in the future so keep watching! Maybe very soon.

    Thanks blueseaglass! Your support has been such a blessing.

  4. […] Bush photography – Our friends Bush and Maris are adopting August and he’ll be doing family pictures to raise […]

  5. Whit says:

    Next time you guys are down Birmingham way, (hopefully soon), I’d love some shots done of me and my lil’ punk…

  6. marisbush says:

    Whit- we are coming soon for the Student Life tour! Just give us a call or email Steven at

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