letters received & one more meeting down

today was a big day for maris & i. maybe it wasn’t that big, but we were really putting alot of thought into at least. last thursday maris & i mailed 30 letters to all of my family back home in Texas to tell them about our plans for adoption. i was a little nervous to see how it would be received, because adopting first is not really the norm in our family. the letters were delivered today, and the first call came in around 7:00pm. the response could not have been better! maris & i are overwhelmed with joy by the responses of our family members. from emails to phone calls we have gotten great encouragement & great questions. it’s great to be able to talk through the process & explain where we are at in this journey. everyone is ready to start buying clothes & baby stuff. fun times!!!


one of our mandatory meetings for our adoption was tonight. it was a good meeting that went really quick…so that was nice. maris worked all day & i flew in from Chicago so we weren’t really feeling a long drawn out meeting. there were two families that had adopted transracially, and they were telling their stories and answering any questions that people had. it was a good time.

thanks to everyone for keeping up with our story. your support & prayers are cherished by maris & i.


3 Responses to letters received & one more meeting down

  1. gingerswann says:

    sooo excited about your meeting and the great response you’re getting from the fam! august is already one EXTREMELY loved child!

  2. Mel says:

    So thankful for the great response from the FAM! Praise God!! 🙂

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