Adopting August Yard Sale!!!

We are having our first yard sale on Saturday, October 20th. If you would like to donate items for our yard sale please email me at or Steven at and let us know! Steven is off this week and could come by and pick some of them up! We would love any unwanted items that would go to Goodwill anyway! Thank you so much for your help and support! Hopefully this will bring us one step closer to bringing August home 🙂


5 Responses to Adopting August Yard Sale!!!

  1. orphandaughter says:

    Do you not think that a more godly thing to do than adopting a child would be supporting a mother so she can keep her child? that would be much more loving and healthy for both the mother and the child

  2. marisbush says:

    Thanks for your comment orphandaughter. I do feel as if the best situation is for the birthmom to be able to parent her child. I do know that sometimes things don’t always work out that way. I cannot imagine her inner struggle and that is why we feel so strongly on supporting, loving and praying for birthmoms. We want the absolute best for every child! If that birthmom decides that she is not ready to parent then we would be so honored to be another option for her. We also feel that if she has chosen us to parent her child and in the end she decides to parent the child herself than we would COMPLETELY support her decision and do everything we could to help her out. EVERY SINGLE situation is different. We have decided for us we want to be an option for this courageous birthmom. In a perfect world there would be no need for adoption and foster care. However we do not live in a perfect world and there IS a huge need for couples to adopt children. We hope that our story inspires others to do the same. If there was no need than we would never go down this road. We live our lives day to day by the saying, “the need is the call.” This is a desire God has placed on our hearts. If you knew us you would quickly find out that we have the utmost respect for birthmoms and we pray for them just as much as we do August.

  3. this is why i love being married to you. i love your heart for people and adoption. you bring balance to me. great reply…you said everything i wantd to. love you so much!

  4. savingdowensky says:

    maris – i’ll be bringing stuff to you!

    Great thoughts above.

  5. shawnah says:

    I’ll try to pull some stuff together! So excited about the adoption! Love you guy, Shawnah

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